Suzanne Residence

Suzanne Residence

Upon entering the house, low ceilings are punctured with tall light filled spaces. Windows, doors and clerestories in the living areas allow a gentle natural light deep into the home’s interiors, creating a rich interplay among the internal spaces, exterior yard, and the landscape. The house interior flows to the exterior for enjoying the warm and benign climate of Silicon Valley. The exterior gardens are private and tranquil.

  •  Entrance


  •  Front landscape and approach

    Front landscape and approach

  •  Covered porch

    Covered porch

  •  Front approach

    Front approach

  •  Raised ceiling

    Raised ceiling

  •  Raised ceiling and clerestory

    Raised ceiling and clerestory

  •  Dining room raised ceiling

    Dining room raised ceiling

  •  House and garden

    House and garden

  •  Concrete tree planters

    Concrete tree planters

  •  Zen garden

    Zen garden

  •  Landscape


  •  House in Zen setting

    House in Zen setting

  •  House in Zen garden

    House in Zen garden

  •  House with raised roofs

    House with raised roofs

  •  Garden path

    Garden path

  •  Zen garden path

    Zen garden path

  •  Walkway slabs

    Walkway slabs

  •  Slabs in gravel

    Slabs in gravel

  •  Master bedroom side

    Master bedroom side

  •  Landscape gravel

    Landscape gravel

  •  Backyard


  •  Tree detail

    Tree detail

  •  Shaded patio and raised roofs

    Shaded patio and raised roofs

  •  Siding detail

    Siding detail

  •  Foyer with clerestory

    Foyer with clerestory

  •  Entry approach and foyer clerestory

    Entry approach and foyer clerestory

  •  Front garden and approach

    Front garden and approach

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San Jose, California


• Architectural Design: Gary Diebel, AIA Architect
• Structural Engineers: MHA Consulting Engineers, Inc.
• General Contractor: Victory Construction
• Photographer: Kevin Ng Photography

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